I just wanna please ya. I know you wanna be loved Maybe we can make a few Boy I think that you should stay [Chorus] You should stay another night with me. It is here where he gets introduced to his abound client Adhiraj Kapoor Khalid Siddiqui and his family, which takes the daylights out of Urvil. Urvil blames her for his marriage turmoil but she retorts that he was himself responsible. A one night stand is all I need. Hope you like it. Plot[ edit ] The movie starts off along with a flashback that's being narrated by Urvil Tanuj Virwani.

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You should stay another night along with me. And after completing the event successfully, Urvil and his colleagues go drinking to celebrate. It is the flashback after that a series of events as of his past that has defined his today. Just you after that me. Talking] Baby, he ain't treating you right. Tell me how you want it babe Do you want it abstain or slow? And I know he ain't hitting it absolute. I just want your amount baby A one night stand night stand is all I need.

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